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Redefining Children’s Literature with Suhani Parikh

July 29, 2021

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 In this episode on All the WRITE Marketing, Maria Dismondy talks with Suhani Parikh, a publisher and author on how she is redefining children’s literature. 


 Suhani Parikh, set out to write her debut children's book, she knew it had to be based on her experience growing up as an Indian-American girl with alopecia. This led her to the formation of Modern Marigold Books, an independent publishing company creating own-voice children's books that discuss identity, culture, and communal responsibility. Suhani talks all about her unique publishing practices and how she likes to empower her authors to be a part of the publishing process from selecting the illustrator down to marketing their books. . 

In this episode, you will learn:


  • A new approach to traditional publishing
  • How her authors are setting up their audience when it comes time to releasing their books
  • How Modern Marigold Books is helping close the gap in the book industry.
  • What she looks for when selecting her next author to publish. 



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