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How to use networking to develop relationships and grow your business with Angela Engel

July 13, 2021

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In this episode on All the WRITE Marketing, Maria Dismondy talks with Angela Engel, founder of The Collective Book Studio on how to network and create relationships to grow and market your business. 


Angela is no stranger to the publishing world. After working 20 years at several different major publishing companies Angela decided to create her own company that would disrupt the publishing industry by giving budding authors more ownership and authority in the publishing process. Angela uses her passion for networking, to create authentic relationships to help grow her business and shares with us how important it is to put yourself out there and connect with others when you are an entrepreneur.   


In this episode, you will learn:


  • How to leverage influencers to help market your books
  • How to target your ideal audience
  • How to use networking to develop relationships and grow your business 

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